Massage in Weybridge, Surrey. Roong Thai Massage

massage weybridge, Roong Thai MassageRoong Thai massage is a hidden little secret that everyone should know about. Based in Nicholson house in Weybridge,Surrey, Sisadee has a little room where she performs her magic.

Even thou Nicholson house is actually an office building, once you are inside Sisadees room and as soon a she starts working on your body you will be transported to a calm and tranquil place. She has really strong hands which get into those knots leaving your body calm and relaxed. Sisadee offers a few different types of massage

  1. Thai massage – This is a combination for meditation, yoga stretching and acupressure and reflexology which makes it a healing art. There are many benefits from Thai massage including detoxification of the body, increasing circulation and reducing blood pressure to name a few.
  2. Foot massage – This is a simple and effective way of relaxing the body. It involves applying pressure on key points on the foot to get the benefits. If you have never had a massage before then this is a great way to get accustomed.
  3. Deep tissue massage – This is one of the best way to treat pain and injury. This is where Sisadee really excels. She really gets deep into those knots to help get rid of those painful areas. By the time she has finished you will really feel the benefits and even feel a little bit less stressed.

Apart  from massage Roong thai massage also offer elemis facials and hot stone treatments.

If you are looking for a massage in Weybridge then I can definitely recommend Roong Thai massage.


Roong thai massage price list are below

30 minute treatment – £25

60 minute treatment – £45

90 minute treatment – £65


For more information you can look at their website or call on 07741 115 565

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