Surrey is a great place to do business. Many new businesses are booming in this county. Various business events take place throughout the year to help existing businesses to grow and to attract new businesses. Here are some of the top business events of this year that you must attend.

Fabulous Women and Marvellous Men

Date: 31st May 2017
Venue: Sunbury on the Thames
This is a great event for informal and structured networking. Here you can make a short pitch about your business. There will be mini coaching sessions, light refreshments and drink. It is a great networking event and will help businesses to share knowledge and grow.

EXM Live Forum

Date: 14th June 2017
Venue: Bloomsbury St., London
It is a community –led the event for experiential marketing professionals. The focus of this event is on experience, creativity, and technology. There will be discussion and networking opportunities for businesses.

Wired Retail

Date: 11th October 2017
Venue: Kings Cross, London
Here you will be joined by many leaders and influencers in the retail industry. There will be discussions on the brick and mortar stores, virtual stores, payment solutions, the addition of AR/VR to provide better customer experience, etc.

China-UK Hi! Technology Festival

Date: 14th June
Venue: Christopher Street, London
This event will be attended by professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers from UK and China. They will come here to get deep market insights and share their new business concepts. It’s a great platform for networking.

All these events offer you great learning and networking opportunities. You should attend these events if you want to grow your business or stay up-to-date with the latest business trends.