4 marketing processes you should automate

The marketing technology is improving very fast. These technologies are allowing businesses to reach more customers and improve the relationship with the existing ones. Here are four marketing processes you must automate.

Lead tracking

You no longer have to nurture leads through a manual process. You should have a CRM that offer automatic lead capturing. You will find different cloud-based CRM SaaS providers. Salesforce is a popular CRM software. Other CRM software providers include Pipedrive, Agile CRM, Close, Zoho, etc.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing engages thousands of fans. Using social media marketing you can post content on social accounts, carry on conversations, promote community building, etc. Posting content on social media can be very difficult and time-consuming. Now it is possible to automate your content generation process.

Content marketing

Content marketing is very hard to automate. But you can use technology to do content research and idea generation. You can use apps like Feedly, DrumUp, Google Alerts, etc. It is time-consuming to plan and coordinate content generation as well. These can be done using technology as well.

User engagement, cross sell and up sell

You can use automated email campaign for conversion cycle. You can start with a welcome note and then follow with product messages. You should provide support and resources. You can include reminders of product trials, paid plans, etc.

You should use data smartly to run an effective marketing campaign. There are various technologies available that can help you. You should do some research and find the best solution fo your company.

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